Yuneng turbine oil purifier

City Chonqging
State Beibei
Country China

Turbine Oil Application and Purification
Turbine oil is lubrication and cooling material commonly used in turbine assemblies, turbine compressors, steam and gas turbines. The oil can be of mineral or synthetic origin.

The main quality parameters of turbine oil are:
Viscosity corresponding to operation temperature;
Resistance to oxidation;
Demulsifying and water resistance;
Long service life;
Resistance to foam formation.
During long term operation, the metal parts and components of turbine equipment are influenced by air, water and high temperature. Oxidized turbine oil gradually changes color from red to black and develops an unpleasant odor. Sludge forms in the oil, acidity grows, along with corrosion, foaming and formation of emulsions. The lubricant becomes unusable.

Yuneng turbine oil purifier
Used turbine oil can be purified using special equipment. Yuneng manufactures the DYJC turbine oil purifier for heating and filtration of turbine oil.

DYJC is equipped with oil input and output pump, a vacuum chamber, a vacuum pump, coarse and fine filters and a control cabinet. The unit is installed in a container on a trailer. It is compact and mobile; the unit can be towed to the turbine by automobile.

The turbine oil purifier in the Yuneng unit is performed with vacuum treatment for higher degree of purification. Beside particulate matter, the process removes solved water and gases from the oil. The equipment operates at the rate of 4 m³/hour with materials with viscosity below 280 cSt at 50 ℃.

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