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Why You May Be Denied A UK Spouse Visa If You Have A Subsisting Relationship With Someone In The UK

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State England
Country United Kingdom

There are three ways which spouse visa processing time can be reduced for an Indian spouse of a UK citizen. Generally speaking, if you\’ve been working, studying, or otherwise involved in any form of paid work, it\’s highly likely you\’ll have to apply for a Spouse Visa for stay in the UK. Your relationship with your partner will still be recognised, and you\’ll both be eligible to reside and work in the UK as a married person. The only difference is that you must have an Indian spouse visa.


A civil partnership is one of the first legally recognised relationships outside marriage that a UK citizen may have. It differs from a marriage in a couple\’s status, monetary obligations and legal rights. Once you\’ve applied for a Spouse Visa, or for a civil partnership, you can start looking into applying for British citizenship. In most cases you can apply for full citizenship in about six years\’ time.


If you\’re an Indian spouse visa applicant, you\’re probably aware of the importance of seeking suitable accommodation while living in the UK, especially if you intend to study or work here. Without recourse to public funds, an applicant cannot rely on the hospitality facilities provided by the government to provide their housing. This means that they cannot afford to stay in overcrowded and substandard hotels and hostels. For most individuals and families coming to the country on temporary work and study visas, this will mean that they will have to find private accommodation either privately or in hostels. This can be a challenge for many people, and is why it is critical to look around and find adequate accommodation before making the commitment to settle here permanently.


You may also face the problem of relying on the NHS and state health services when you become ill and require medical treatment. Unless you have family members that can care for you in your absence, there will probably be a period during which you are unable to return to your home country. This is usually three to seven months, but in some cases it can be longer. A UK spouse visa can provide you with a period of leave to remain while you recuperate. This type of leave to remain is not covered by public funds and is only granted if the applicant can demonstrate that they will be able to continue financially supporting themselves for at least a further six months beyond the date of the application.


The third most common reason for an EU spouse visa applicant to fail to leave the country is the lack of appropriate travel documentation. Many UK citizens travelling outside the EU fail to take the time to collect important necessary documents before leaving the country. This can include application forms for a social security number, driving licenses and insurance documentation such as life and sickness insurance. If you do not collect all the relevant supporting documents before applying for a UK visa, you may find that your application is refused and you may even be sent back to the country of your origin.


For example, the spouse visa application form requires that the applicant show proof of marriage or a subsisting relationship with someone from the United Kingdom. Without this evidence, you may find that your application is declined. It is therefore imperative that you make sure you collect all the necessary supporting documents before applying for a spouse visa in the UK, otherwise, you run the risk of losing your chance of taking advantage of this unique opportunity to enjoy a much greater quality of life in your home country.

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