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Why Modafinil Is Safe?

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When such medicines are related to treat neurological disorders then it get more important for the sellers to give such medicines with prescription. But, In 2008 FDA approved modafinil is safest smart medicine to cure narcolepsy, sleep Apnea and other sleep disorders, then these medicines are given or sell without prescription in the markets.
Modafinil has also name as Provigil and it is work as active agent in modalert 200, and modvigil 200 in the market with their unique features of its own. Modalert is used to reduce fatigue, tiredness, and stress and accelerates dopamine inside the human brain to keep them awake at any time. These analeptic medicine prevent a sudden nervous breakdown that the narcoleptic patient usually experience.
There are various points that tells modafinil is safe:
  • It is not addictable medicine,  but it doesn\’t meant that you do overdoses always consult with the doctor first.
  • It has minor side effects, that can be resolve with settling of the medicine in the system.
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