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Why Cookie-Less Programmatic Advertising?

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Why Cookie-Less Programmatic Advertising?


The Impact of scrapping the third-party cookies is reflected on all the components of the programmatic advertising environment because for almost 2 decades we have been dependent upon third-party cookies for various purposes such as Retargeting, conversion tracking, etc. So the Cookie-Less Programmatic Advertising is getting more attention.


Impact on Publishers: Supply-side platforms and Ad Exchange won’t be able to recognize users on websites in the same way they can now by using third-party cookies.


Impact on Data Management Platform (DMP): The end of third-party cookies in web browsers means that DMP’s won’t be able to create audiences that can be later utilized for audience activation and targeting by advertisers.


Impact on AdTech Platforms: Adtech platforms can’t map the relevant user to display the ads on the browser since cookie sync won’t happen anymore so their targeting, frequency capping, and conversion tracking needs to be handled with a different approach


Impact on Advertisers: They used to depend on the third-party data to reach relevant users and needed to work on building first-party audiences data and tie-up with a relevant publisher to buy the inventory directly.


What’s Next for Programmatic Advertising?


It’s the perfect time to focus on alternative strategies to target relevant users. Building their own First-Party Data, using Contextual Advertising, preparing the White List, developing Universal ID, etc. are some of the ways companies can develop their programmatic advertising for the future. Recently Aqilliz Integrated with BritePool to offer a blockchain-enabled cookieless ad targeting solution. The launch of this offering shows that advertisers are preparing for the future. The addition of blockchain for ad targeting will further ensure the privacy of the users.


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