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What is cardano

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What is cardano

Do you know what is Cardano and how does it work? Let’s now dig deeper into the topic and check price prediction for this promising cryptocurrency.

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With constant innovation and invention of new cryptocurrencies, traders are finding themselves diving into more opportunities than what they had before. One of such new opportunities has arrived in the form of a new open-source project and cryptocurrency network, called Cardano, that focuses on a public blockchain platform to facilitate smart contracts. Its internal cryptocurrency is named ADA, which is developed, overseen and managed by a Switzerland-based foundation, named as Cardano Foundation.

What is Cardano?

Being the first peer-reviewed blockchain project in the world, Cardano has been introduced in the market after an extensive examination which was done by assembling a network of scientists and academics from different universities. They were responsible to review its protocol so as to make sure that there would be no problem in its launch.

Cardano prides itself for being a 3rd-generation of cryptocurrency as well as a smart contract platform that claims to be effective in scaling problems of first-generation and second-generation coins, including Bitcoin and Ethereum respectively.

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