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What is a content Marketing bottleneck

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What is a content Marketing bottleneck


You have sorted your content strategy, and your teams are ready to pitch in and do their bit. But what about the digital systems that are used to manage all those pieces of content? Technology can help in solving all this chaos and can also help in streamlining content marketing software. A content bottleneck happens where demand for content exceeds the capability of an organization to deliver and meet that demand in a timely manner. While that’s simply stated, the factors and circumstances making content marketing bottlenecks are many and sometimes might not even be obvious.


Take the help of technology


Using one effective tool can also provide better alignment across teams and departments because everybody works on the same system. Content management platforms like Percolate empowers marketers to gain visibility into the marketing process. It also helps in improving coordination of work, and effectively build marketing campaigns and content with analytics to measure impact. Percolate also builds a coordinated buyer experience/user experience, decreases production costs, and improves marketing impact.


It is terrible for the morale of the creative and design team, for starters. And the long working hours and stress of the missed deadlines make for burnout, kills creativity, and can often result in mistakes, sometimes expensive mistakes. They have to work overtime again to fix them and get the changes done and they often miss their final deadline. The creative teams put in overtime to make a deadline and get a finished piece to the executive’s desk. where it sits for at least a week.


Percolate by Seismic is popular for its various platforms such as content management, brand and channel management, and social media management. It enables users to manage brand and channel management activities from a central location. It offers end-to-end content creation and a brand publishing platform to help users in distributing content to organic and paid social media channels. Such crucial features allow Percolate to solve the biggest bottleneck in content marketing, that is content Management.


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