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What Is a Compressor Air Dryer?

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Moisture can enter your air and air compressing machine in several different ways. You might be using an undersized and, by extension, an overworked air compressor or your air compressor could have malfunctioning parts, which is causing it to absorb more moisture from the air around you. The operating environment in which a compressor is used also makes a difference. For example, high-humidity atmospheres are capable of holding a lot more moisture than non-humid atmospheres. When the air reaches a temperature conducive to moisture saturation and condensation, it is known as the dew point.


Although some level of moisture will always be present, too much of it can cause rust, corrosion and contaminate the quality of your compressed air. Poor quality compressed air can damage your final product or end-use. To reduce the amount of moisture in your compressed air and to prolong the life of your machine a compressed air dryer is critical.

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