Well Control Drilling Simulator

City Sichuan
State Chengdu
Country China

We are proud to announce a new, mobile well control drilling simulator, allowing all IADC and IWCF well control students review simulation exercises before, during, and after both online and classroom well control training.

Currently, our simulator covers Driller’s Method on the iPad. We are adding a ton of new, cool features to be able to do all IADC Driller and simulations on all mobile devices and the web.

What is the value of a mobile well control simulator?

1. Increase student simulator time in the classroom:
Each student will have individual simulator access with unlimited time before, during and after class.
2. Review and refresh anytime, anywhere in the field
Increased student competency between the two (2)-year well control training cycle.

3. Practice to perfection
Intuitive, easy-to-use platform allows for unlimited practice without requiring an instructor.

What are the different ways students can go through the simulation?

Supports three (3) separate modes of simulation:
Learn Mode: Animated, e-learning to refresh concepts
Practice Mode: Guided walk through steps and situations with hints
Test Mode: Assessed, tested mode with IADC standardized grading

What data does the simulation track?

Tracking & Reporting Features

Graph of all drilling & well control values available during & after simulation. Student completion and quiz data available on the cloud. Generic data file for LMS integration. Data Analysis for trends in problem and success areas.

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