Want Jewelry watch repair near me

Street Address The Shops of Legacy 16950 Wright Plaza Omaha, Nebraska 68130 USA
City Nebraska
ZIP/Postal Code 68130
State Omaha,
Country United States

Want jewelry watch repair store near me! Get in touch with 14 Karat. We perform a wide variety of services on quartz, mechanical, and digital watches. We offer all kinds of watch repair services including watch battery replacement, water tightness test, overhauling, crown replacement etc. we will be able to get your timepiece working in the best possible condition whether you are looking for maintenance, restoration or a complete overhaul. Our professional team of technicians has repaired hundreds of timepieces. Much of the jewelry most people have lying around their home has no sentimental value tied to it whatsoever; when a piece like this is broken, it typically remains in an unusable condition for years or even decades. Our jewelers can repurpose broken and unwanted items into beautiful new pieces that can be given as gifts and enjoyed for many years to come. For more details, call us at 4023979550.

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