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Viral Marketing Hacks for Marketers

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Viral Marketing Hacks for Marketers


Many media professionals like to get down on BuzzFeed for providing the lowest common denominator types of content as a part of Viral Marketing Hacks. And with attractive post titles such as, “Men in Black’ is the Only Movie That Truly Understands Your Hangover Right Now,” or “This Girl Matched On Tinder With An Olympic Athlete And Here’s What Happened Next” I don’t think anybody can argue that this site is a frontrunner for any major journalistic integrity awards.


The site also has a huge audience base and receives an average of 40 million unique visitors per month. Yes, that’s very huge. These numbers are enough to make any website owners stand up and take notice, that there is something in the formula of the site that is resonating with online visitors across nearly all demographics.


Listicles of BuzzFeed is very popular and acts as a click magnet, so we are going to check out what kind of lessons about blogging we can derive from this media powerhouse.


List Posts are Effective – We are also a reader, and even we love reading contents that are in the form of listicles. People love to read list posts because their inherent structure telegraphs to readers that they will be able to consume a huge quantity of information with less effort. Because in a list post the writer has already organized the key points of information for their readers, website visitors find this type of post less intimidating and more easily accessible than other forms of content.


GIFs are Engaging – BuzzFeed uses pictures and animated GIFs in its posts in a very effective and balanced manner. Not only does this help them in creating a subconscious feeling of a shared experience among readers, but also minimizes the time spent on writing blog post content. Just take a look at the article of BuzzFeed linked above to see this principle in action.


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