Vacuum Oil Purifie

City Chongqing
State Beibei
Country China

Our Vacuum Oil Purifier (also known as Oil Dehydrators, Oil Reclaimers, and Oil Distillation Systems), are made to combine simple operation with high performance, creating more value for your investment.
The main purpose of a Vacuum Oil Purifier is to remove contamination from refined petroleum oils and other liquid hydrocarbons. These petroleum products are used in many different industrial, marine, and aerospace processes (including hydraulic systems using fluid power, lube oil systems and bearings, and gears and storage facilities, like tank farms).
In petroleum oils like these, you will most often find contaminants like water, gas, lighter hydrocarbons, particulate matter, or even process seal leaks from steam turbine seals or compressor seals.
Contamination may also be introduced into certain systems through contact with the environment, the atmosphere, and transfer of product from other contaminated sources like tanks, reservoirs, pipelines, and barrels.
Our Vacuum Oil Purifiers and Filtration Systems were developed specifically to solve this wide array of contamination issues seen so frequently within refined hydrocarbon and petroleum products.
The reason Vacuum Oil Purifiers are so effective in removing most forms of contamination is because they use both a vacuum and a specific temperature setting to expel contaminants in the form of a gas, while the desired petroleum product remains as it is in its original liquid form.
A typical vacuum is set at -25\” Hg or higher, with the temperature raised to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. At this setting, most contamination will be evaporated off into the atmosphere and can later be condensed back into a liquid or gas.

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