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Hydraulic fluid may become contaminated as a result of several factors. First, we need to understand the basic difference between primary and secondary pollution. Primary pollution occurs in the system before commissioning. Accordingly, secondary pollution is the pollution that occurs directly during equipment operation. Primary system contamination occurs due to the presence of residues of machining and assembly, as well as the impurities contained in fresh oil. Secondary contamination is most often caused by machining residues, products of abrasion and corrosion, and dirt, which gets into the system from sealing materials of cylinders or through breather channels in tanks.

Previously, less attention was paid to the dependence between hydraulic equipment service life and the purity of hydraulic oil. But recent studies have shown that there is a strong relationship between these parameters. Therefore, hydraulic oil purifier should be a mandatory procedure, an important part of measures aimed at the extension of the service life of machinery and equipment and reducing failure rate.
For example, the all-knowing statistics say that the main causes of premature failure of roller bearings include inadequate lubrication, the presence of particulate matter in oil and overload.

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