Turbine Oil Purifier\’s Features

City Chongqing
State Beibei
Country China

Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier (Oil Purification System) utilizes vacuum dehydration combining with coalescing & micro-glass filters media technology into one system for efficient and cost-effective oil purification and maintaining absolute cleanliness of turbine lube oil. Coalescing filters remove mass free water, vacuum dehydration removes moisture dissolved and micro-glass filters remove mechanical particles. The turbine Oil Purification Plant is an ideal oil purifier for extending turbine oil life and has the features of low maintenance and operation cost.

1. Advance technology and design, with steam turbines online and offline processing, a high degree of automation, compact size, mobile and flexible structure.
2. Coalescence filters with oil-water separation technology to optimize the combination of dehydration.
3. Bring 5000 ppm of free, emulsified and dissolved water down to 50 PPM. Achieving filtering rate 1 micron or high
4. Temperature range of 20-100
5. Automatic pressure alarm shutdown system, automatic overload protection system, automatic constant temperature system, automatic protection against failure etc. to protect the equipment safe running.
5. Self-contained, skid-mounted, stationary system or as a portable system
6. Ideal Turbine Oil Purifier for lube oil in a combustion turbine, steam turbine, hydro turbine etc.

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