Transformer Dry Air Generator

City Chongqing
State Beibei
Country China

GF Transformer Dry Air Generator is mainly used to supply dry air quickly and effectively for transformers and other industrial equipment, it adopts air compressing system, refrigerated air drying system, adsorption drying system, air purification system and PLC controlling system. This air drying and purification system uses low pressure oil-less compressed system and low-temperature condensation moisture removal technology, which solve the troubles caused by air with vapor & dust. DHP Dry Air Generator for Transformers has the features of small dimension, light weight, easy installation and operation, energy saving and high reliability. 

1. Transformer Dry Air Generator composed of by screw air compressor, dust filter, air cooler, air tank, vapor filter etc.
2. Refrigerated drying system and regenerative desiccant drying system
3. 100% Oil & Moisture free air with Dew Point of (-) 40℃ ( <80ppm) to (-) 70℃ ( 0.3ppm).
4. Pre-filter with automatic drain trap, results efficient pre-filteration
5. Fully automatic for operation, Low electric power consumption, Super dry air by low investment


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