The White Coat Effect Kindle Edition

Street Address new york, Apulia Station,NY
City Apulia Station,NY
ZIP/Postal Code 10001
State New York
Country United States

Sometimes, even a doctor isn’t good enough for some parents. Meet Rory, a young Jewish medical student “making the rounds” in search for the love of her life. After a series of bedroom mishaps, she decides to pursue surgery where she meets Amir, her Arabian prince Hot, passionate love ensues and transcends all mundane concerns until her past heritage catches up with her: she’s in the middle of a forbidden romance. Tradition or love? It’s an age-old question. The hot love between Amir and Rory doesn’t cool down. Now she is forced to choose between acceptance in her community—and the parents she loves—or give up the erotically charged cinematic love story she never thought she could find. What will Rory do?


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