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The Viral Marketing Hacks

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The Viral Marketing Hacks


Listicles are very popular and acts as a click magnet, so we are going to check out what kind of lessons about blogging we can derive from this media powerhouse. Don’t be afraid of using pictures and animated GIFs in your content, just remember to use that in a manner that is appropriate for your readers


Be a Trend-Setter


BuzzFeed is also popular for its out-of-the-box marketing strategies like they did for Valentine’s Day 2021. To poke some fun during the time of quarantine, BuzzFeed took the help of AI to create romantic partners through their latest Valentine’s Day quiz, the BuzzFeed Quiz. The brands that have gained millions of views and shares globally have nothing in common as such. Getting viral is the easiest and toughest way of marketing in today\’s digital world? But how to get viral??? Check out Martech Cube\’s lesson on Viral Marketing hacks.


The majority of businesses can learn many things about content marketing from the success of BuzzFeed. The important thing to remember that providing the best user experience to the readers remains constant, and other than that you should use the strategies that apply best to your unique business.


With attractive post titles such as, “Men in Black’ is the Only Movie That Truly Understands Your Hangover Right Now,” or “This Girl Matched On Tinder With An Olympic Athlete And Here’s What Happened Next” I don’t think anybody can argue that this site is a frontrunner for any major journalistic integrity awards. These numbers are enough to make any website owners stand up and take notice, that there is something in the formula of the site that is resonating with online visitors across nearly all demographics.


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