The Newbies Guide To Big Biceps: So Easy To Follow A Child Could Do it!

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Looking for a fitness e-book without all that complicated bodybuilding terminology? A fitness guide so easy to follow a child could do it? look no further \”The Newbies Guide To Big Biceps\” is just for you! Having muscular arms is a universal sign of masculinity. You can go to any country on this planet and people will respect you because of the size of your biceps. Why? Because subconsciously when a person sees a man with buff arms, it not only means he\’s physically strong and disciplined but from a evolutionary biology perspective, having buff arms means that a man can protect, hunt and is a obvious signifier of dominance. Training Arms , which consists of the Biceps (short head, long head, and brachialis ) forearms and triceps is a highly popular subject in the fitness world. How to get bigger arms is probably the number one question I get asked from men. In this E-book not only will it show you unique workouts, It will also show you a variation of techniques that directly target muscle growth. In the Newbies Guide To Big Biceps the layout is simplified week by week with pictures and video links for reference. This six week Program was made so incredibly easy to follow and to understand……..a Child can do it! I guarantee that if you follow this program, you’ll save yourself months, even years of wasted time and effort in the gym, and you’ll learn the necessary principles to train yourself for a lifetime. WHAT YOU GET IN \”The Newbies Guide To Big Biceps\” -Battle tested workout routine to develop BIG arms -How to effectively train your arms for maximum strength and muscle growth -Guidelines for warming up, rest periods, stretching ,and post workout -Tips for maximum results -The do\’s and dont\’s while training -6 Weeks of INTENSE arm training with video reference links


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