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City Buffalo
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State Washington DC
Country United States

Alaqua, supply equipment evaporators, crystallizers, distillation system worldwide, to meet your processing requirements and have proven themselves time after time. Alaqua offers a wide range of solvent recovery and recycling for industrial applications with optimal efficiency, safety, and consistent quality A solvent recovery system is a process system that takes effluent and extracts useful solvents and raw materials back out of the process waste stream. The recovery of solvents from effluent can be achieved with a variety of technologies. A common recovery method is solvent distillation systems, but liquid-liquid extraction, absorption systems, film evaporation, crystallization, and membrane separation can also be used, depending on the application. Benefits to solvent recoveryinclude:1. Reducing raw material and solvent costs by allowing manufacturers to tore use recovered chemicals and reduce transport and disposal costs of chemicals2. Lower EPA reporting requirements and risk because fewer solvents and chemicals are disposed of 3. Continued manufacturing efficiency through the use of recovered chemicals. Which after recovery are as usable and effective as new chemicals. This unique, affordable system will recover approximately 90% of the original batch volume for reuse, significantly reducing new solvent purchases as well as the volume of dirty solvents and/or solids to be disposed of. Visit the website

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