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Looking for a wide range of Cocoa Melanger at the best price?

Cocoa Melanger @ Factory Price. Chocolate Melanger\’s range of commercial & residential Cocoa Melanger or Nut butter grinder is professional equipment for grinding Chocolate and nut butter.

Premier Compact melanger/ Premier Compact -110V and Ultra choco grind are focused on the food processing characteristics with internal structure and material on processing wholesome Peanuts and Other Nuts.

Features a Specialties of Chocolate Melanger\’s Ultra Choco grind:

⦁          Stainless steel body with Compacted structure, Rust-proof, Stable working, Low noise, Easy to wash, and Maintain.

⦁          Suitable for Residential use – Restaurants, Supermarkets, home, Small processing plant, Big factory, and Industrial, etc.

⦁          Fine paste processing.

Uses: This Premier Compact melanger/ Premier Compact -110V and Ultra choco grind can be used to grind peanut almonds, sesame, tomato, cashew nut, bean, pea, chili, garlic and ginger, etc paste butter.

Other Products & Variations of Nut Butter Grinder;

We are committed to offering a wide range of variety Ultra choco grind.

⦁          Commercial Nut Butter Grinder

⦁          Santha Chocolate Melanger 11 lbs

⦁          Premier Chocolate refiner

⦁          Electra Cocoa Nut Melanger

⦁          Electra Stone Grinders

⦁          Kadzama 7Kg Melanger

⦁          Premier Compact -110V

⦁          Premier Wonder – 110V

⦁          Ultra ChocoGrind

⦁          Electra Pro Melanger

⦁          Cocoa Nib Grinder

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