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Sauced Meals

City California
State California
Country United States

This is a meal prep service for people to get creative with 50,000+ combinations of meats, sauces, veggies and starches.

Our passion lies in making quality food that tastes great. We’re not into fad diets. No junk or skimpy portions here.

Good food takes time to prepare and simple, easy-to-make food can be plain and boring. That’s where Sauced Meals™ comes in. We offer from-scratch meals three ways. With “Sauce Your Own” you can fully customize your meal by combining any protein, vegetable, starch and handcrafted sauce. There are 50,000+ combinations, get creative! Our “Family Meals” can feed a family of 6 and is great option for busy nights. How about a whole roasted chicken with carrots and mashed potatoes smothered in onion gravy or honey bourbon? Just preheat the oven and you’ve got food for the whole family in minutes with minimal waste from leftovers and no pots to clean. Last, but certainly not least, we offer our “Chefs Sauced Specials” that will be sure to please. What will it be this week? Pork and chili verde with fresh flour tortillas? Maybe a sea bass with warm tomato vinaigrette. We’ll have to wait and see.

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