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Street Address 251 Co Rd 3960, Hawkins, TX 75765, United States
City Hawkins
ZIP/Postal Code 75765
State Hawkins
Country United States

William Riley Gordy Sr. begun material in the Dallas zone in the last part of the 1960\’s 

and built up an energy for material houses. Being a family man he left the Dallas zone and 

moved to the Tyler zone 10 years after the fact, feeling it was more secure and a superior 

climate to raise his family. Beginning once again he went on later to get one of the top material

 organizations in East Texas. Mr. Gordy had three children, William, John, and James who worked 

with him after school, ends of the week and on Summer breaks. It was during these occasions that

 William Sr. ingrained in every one of the three of his young men the qualities and business morals 

needed to manufacture a fruitful organization. After the children completed school they had the option 

to direct and finish the positions while Mr. Gordy kept on assessing occupations and sell them. 

The Gordy siblings have proceeded with the custom gained from their dad and incorporated the organization 

with what it is today.

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Address:-251 Co Rd 3960, Hawkins, TX 75765, United States

Phone Number:- 1-800-248-4354


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