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Properly Maintaining Air Treatment Equipment

City Chengdu
State Sichuan
Country China

There are different types of air treatment components for removing contaminants, such as solid particles, liquid water, water vapor and oil vapors, odorants, and even bacteria and viruses. For most automation applications, the focus is to remove solid particles and water.


Oil moisture filters for air compressor remove condensate, either with a centrifugal design or a coalescing principle.


An oil-water separator causes a rotary motion in the air, forcing particles to accelerate in a radial outward movement. Once they reach the outside, they drain into the bowl. These are effective for removing water droplets, as well as dust and dirt particles larger than 5 microns in size. No maintenance is required for this process.


Properly Maintaining Filter Elements

To maintain efficient operation of filters, the filter elements need to be replaced periodically. How often this needs to be done depends on variables like the quality of the supply air and the hours of operation of the machine. As one approach, you can identify and set a preventive maintenance schedule that replaces the filter elements every 6 months. 

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