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Possum Removal Melbourne

City Melbourne, VIC, Australia
ZIP/Postal Code 3000
State Victoria
Country Australia

Possums are shrewd animals that they are invading more and more households each year. The best way to ensure that your home is possum-free is to contact the experts of Possum Removal Melbourne. Serving all suburbs across Melbourne, we have decades of experience in removing these pesky creatures from residential and commercial premises. These critters are known to chew through timber and electrical wire, resulting in great damage to your property. Their urine and droppings can present serious health risks to the occupants as well. If you suspect that your home is invaded by a single or a family of possums, it is important to take required measures to evict them from your property.  Our possum removal team will assess your property to find the entry points which will be sealed off to prevent it from escaping. We will set the trap inside the sealed off areas to catch them. Once they get trapped in, we will take it away and release them in a location that is far away from your property.  

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