@@#PikaPick Patrick AirPods 2 Cover#@@

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State california
Country United States

Show Off Your Personality with these Cool, Designed AirPods Cases

A great way to express our personality by using these custom, handcrafted-made AirPods covers that you will truly loved. Made with high-quality materials, PikaPick AirPods cover designs are the perfect choice aside of its unique design variants.

This can be also a perfect gift to your loved ones, party prices, party exchange gift or collecting them for your daily personal needs!

✅ 100% Premium Material

✅ Playful, Unique Aesthetics

✅ Designed for Genuine AirPods 2

✅ Handcrafted to Perfection

Our Product link: https://pikapick.com/collections/popular-collections/products/cartoon-cute-sponge-patrick-star-headphone-case-for-apple-airpods-2-funny-3d-cookies-eggs-soft-silicone-bluetooth-earphone-cover-1

Our Website link: https://pikapick.com/


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