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Mothers Day in the United States was proposed by Anna M. Jarvis (1864-1948). Her mother, Mrs. Anna Reese Jarvis was a minister\’s daughter and taught Sunday School for 20 years in the Andrews Methodist Church of Grafton, West Virginia. The younger Anna Jarvis was only twelve years old when she listened to her mother\’s wish during a Sunday school lesson on mothers in the Bible, that one day someone would found a memorial mother\’s day. There were many days of observance for men, but none for women. Two years after her mother died in May of 1905, Anna Jarvis and her friends began a letter-writing campaign to gain support in declaring a national Mother\’s Day holiday. She felt children often neglected to appreciate their mother while the mother was still alive. She hoped this day of celebration would increase respect for parents and strengthen family bonds. On May 8, 1914, the Congress designated the second Sunday in May as Mother\’s Day. President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Mother\’s Day as an official national holiday.

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