Missing (A True Instincts Novel)

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Missing (A True Instincts Novel) Murder. Mayhem. Mystery. Ryan Bonnie returns for the second installment of the True Instincts series. It’s fall in New England and things are about to get spooky in Ryan Bonnie’s world! When paid to work a job at a Gothic Victorian mansion in the wealthy district of Newbrook, MA, Ryan finds out that her mysterious patron is no stranger at all. He’s her ex, Joey O’Brien, looking for some help, and perhaps a bit more along the way. Joey’s wealthy aunt, Bunny Kensington, has suddenly died, and her will has mysteriously gone missing. Bunny’s best friend, personal physician, and remaining family members, have come to town not only for her funeral, but also to fight over her estate. Each guest is more adamant than the last that Bunny had named them the sole heir to her staggering fortune. When one of the guests is mysteriously murdered, FBI Agent Benjamin Clyde, another ex from Ryan’s past, unexpectedly arrives on the scene to lend a helping hand. With the clock now ticking, it’s up to Ryan to locate the missing will before the murderer strikes again, and, perhaps, comes for her next


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