Meyers Parrot for sell

Street Address Georgia
State Georgia
Country United States

Description: Meyer\’s parrots for sale (Poicephalus meyeri), also known as the brown parrot, is a species of parrot native to Africa. A Meyer\’s parrot has feathers in shades of grey, browns and black, turquoise belly, blue rump, and bright yellow markings on the carpal joint of the wings. Most subspecies have some yellow on the top of the head as well. Six subspecies of  Meyer\’s Parrots have been identified. Meyer\’s parrots are commonly bred and they are relatively quiet and small and are able to learn dozens of words.

Sizeabout 8-9 inches in length

Lifespan: about 20 years

Temperament & Behavior: Meyer\’s Parrots can be social birds and can be vocal but to not demand attention like other parrots. It will enjoy chewable toys, rope knots and soft wood. Hand-raised Meyers are generally friendly, affectionate and playful. It\’s important to familiarize and socialize them with the entire family, or they will bond to one person only. Well-socialized Meyer\’s Parrots enjoy being the center of attention and generally make great family birds. 

Meyers adapt readily to new surroundings and should be well adapted to many novel experiences at a young age. Adult birds are less adaptable to unfamiliar environments and dietary changes.

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