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Marketing for Women in 2021

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Marketing for Women in 2021


Marketing plays a very important role in the life of women and even women have a crucial and significant contribution to the marketing industry. It is observed that women often love and enjoy choosing education and careers in dynamic fields like marketing. Moreover, some superpowers such as good communication skills and better emotional intelligence make them a perfect fit for the role of an idol marketer. Marketing is different for every individual, but the marketing for women in 2021 is all over different.


Marketing Liberation


Marketing has always acted as a mirror of society and has also reacted to the changes in society. Marketing is not just about the sector, business, and industry but it is much more than that. It is a combination of arts and science that helps in liberating women as a marketer. It also adds an emotional touch to the works as it directly connects marketers with the customers.


Julie says that “You always know very quickly if something is working. I don’t buy into the classic notion that marketing is difficult to measure. When you tell a story, change a call to action, pitch a story to a partner… you can tell right away if you have delighted them or if their eyes just glaze over. That is a very powerful form of feedback. No matter what someone claims, humans typically make decisions based on emotion – so having direct and instant access to this emotional response is valuable.”


With the combination of arts and science, marketing has helped women in overcoming the social taboo in the business world. Marketing empowers women to showcase their worth in their work with their capabilities, and talent. It also liberates women marketers by providing them an opportunity to engage with their customers and build an emotional connection with them as well as the job.


Meredith states that “My background is in public relations and that’s a space that’s tried and true. Marketing is more fickle and that’s what I find liberating. How you engage with customers, the type of content you create, how you capture market attention – there’s not a one-size-fits-all formula and there’s a lot of continued experimentation that goes into it which I find exciting.”


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