Life Is God\’s Best Gift

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Many of us are hunkered down during this holiday season that is marred by a raging pandemic. But it is not all gloom and doom. You can spend that time reading a new book and learning new knowledge such as ancient African wisdom and African proverbs. Africa is the birthplace of the human race, once great civilizations, and a place where knowledge, art, music, democracy, culture, trade, agriculture and wisdom first flourished. Her proverbs are even richer than the treasures found in her ancient crypts, filled with enduring life lessons and pearls of wisdom that have universal application. Since Africa is the birthplace of humanity, it means that the proverbs and ancient wisdom belongs to all of humanity. But they are not well known. And that is the purpose of this new book, Life is God’s Best Gift by Sam Chege, published by Harper Collins. Here is how Eric Copage of the New York Times describes it: \”Rich with reflections on life, love, and community, this extraordinary, timeless collection of proverbs inspires, comforts, and delights the soul.\” And Nikki Giovanni calls it “A well designed and beautiful book.” The book recently won the Nautilus award. It’s also a great gift book for your friends this holiday season.

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Life Is God's Best Gift

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