Interpretation or Verbal Translation

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What is Interpretation

In simple terms, interpretation is the word used to refer translation in spoken form. To distinguish between written and spoken translation, we use the term interpretation for spoken, and translation for written language conversion.

Interpretation is required when two or more parties to a discussion speak different languages. This is common in informal settings among friends, students and colleagues. When two colleagues do not speak the same language, another colleague who speaks both assists the in communicating.

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Kinds of Interpretation

Medical Interpretation

Doctors and patients speaking different languages require the assistance of a translator. Medical interpretation requires special medical knowledge on the part of the interpreter. This is a specialise area of interpretation and requires medical training.

Currently, during the pandemic where many countries are locked down, many people are seeing medical support via internet. We have been receiving several requests for medical interpretation over video conferencing from all over the world. Support on medical interpretation is available worldwide by writing to [email protected].

More about medical interpretation can be had here.

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