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Important features of Cloud CMS

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Important features of Cloud CMS


Every enterprise-level entity, as well as most small to medium-sized businesses, depends on the team of content creators, editors, and managers to make sure that their content is on time, on-brand, and on message. These efforts need a high level of communication and collaboration among the numerous team members.


Cloud CMS often involves version control, so that content creators and editors can look over various iterations of the content and decide which facets they want to include. Also, the highly accessible nature of a cloud CMS enables team members to work on projects from anywhere, at any time, alone or in groups.


Here, Martech Cube comes into the picture to put light on the platforms that are loved for their features and functions. An ideal Cloud CMS platform must have crucial features that we have mentioned above and should also be constantly upgrading in order to be loaded with the latest advancements in the digital world. So, our Cloud CMS platform choice for this month is ‘Box’. It is largely accepted for its flexibility and agility in its CMS platform. It can be integrated with G Suite as well as Microsoft 365, the major players of the industry. The Box is also popular and recognized for its simple but effective features like Frictionless security, Seamless collaboration, Simplified workflow, and Best-of-breed app integrations. All these things make Box an ideal Cloud CMS platform in the market.


Having a cloud-based CMS has become the need of the time, and has numerous benefits as well. With advantages ranging from reducing resource drain to engaging customers with emergent technologies, cloud-based CMS platforms are quickly becoming the choice for enterprise-level solutions


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