How To Fix HP Laptop Black Screen Error?

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If your HP laptop is running Windows 8 or 10, and you are facing constant issues with its screen, then it is time to really contact HP Laptop Tech Support for instant help. Many users have a complaint that they are experiencing HP Laptop Black Screen error issue whenever operate and this makes them too much infuriated as such a problematic hurdle creates hindrances in their work. To quick-rectify this issue, you can try the following steps one-by-one and work on your system more frequently. Let’s start:

· Reset Your HP Laptop: To get rid of the black screen issue, you have to perform a hard reset of your HP Laptop. Reset your laptop via the given instruction:

Ø First power off your laptop by pressing the Power button for a while

Ø Then, disconnect the battery and remove it from its place

Ø Now, connect the power adapter correctly excluding the batter

Ø Then, power on your laptop and check if the issue has solved or not.

· Update The Graphics Drivers: An outdated or missing graphic card driver in HP laptop can also be the one reason of HP Laptop Black Screen error. That’s why, it is highly recommended to first verify the graphic drivers that it is up-to-date and hence update the ones that are not.

· Boot In Safe Mode & Restart Explorer.exe Process: Well, it is quite essential to boot your Windows laptop in Safe Mode. This will boot your machine using the required components, and help you to figure out what is causing the issue on your HP laptop.

· Disable Fast Startup: Disabling the fast startup will surely help you out to instantly annihilate HP Laptop Black Screen issue. Therefore, go for it!


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