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How can I get the best interest rate on car deals and loans

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The most important factor in finding the best auto loan rate is having an informed consumer. Like the price of a car, interest rates are negotiable. Consumers need to know their credit score and the interest rates available to people in their credit score range.


Car dealer ships may or may not offer competitive rates, so consumers can and should check with other financial institutions. Before going to the dealership, some research will help you get a higher interest rate on a car loan. Online shopping is a good source. Some websites allow potential buyers to enter their information and make purchases at popular banks. Consumers should also consult with the financial institutions they currently use. Organizations that are already in business might try to do that and remember. Insurance companies, banks and mortgage companies are all good places to call and ask about the best auto loan rates.


Lenders may demand higher down payments on car deals and loans. It\’s important to note that the lowest car loan rate doesn\’t necessarily guarantee the lowest car payment. The length of the term can vary greatly in the amount of the monthly payment. Short-term car deals and loans almost always have lower interest rates, but can cost more each month. Long-term car deals and loans have slightly higher interest rates, but lower monthly payments. A down payment or trade-in can also affect the loan\’s interest rate. If a consumer is able to purchase a 20 percent down payment or a combination of the two by cash payment or transaction, sometimes even for those with credit problems, the interest rate is lower. Because it also reduces the amount of financing, which in turn reduces accrued interest, and also reduces the amount the car pays over its lifetime. In some dealers, the office is also known as the Finance and Insurance (F&I) office where the buyer not only gets financing, but also provides additional services such as extended warranties, paint or fabric protection, rust prevention, primers, alarm systems, and window lamination. Please note that all of these additional charges will increase the amount of your loan, which will increase your monthly payments. F&I managers will be more likely to find a lower interest rate on a car loan if a consumer has been pre-approved for a loan before entering a dealership. Dealers do profit from financing, although those profits have been curtailed in recent years by lenders concerned that dealers are unfairly profiting from individual consumers. 


Dealers want customers to raise money in their location in return for a commission. They will work to ensure that consumers do business with banks and pay dealers profits. For example, suppose a consumer walks into a dealership and receives a pre-approval letter from a bank stating that the bank will finance a car at 6.49 percent. F&I managers made several calls through their banking relationships and found a bank willing to offer 5.49% financing to the consumer. The bank might actually offer 4.49% interest, with one percentage point going to the dealer. F&I managers take a commission to find better deals for consumers than they could find on their own. The consumer was able to find a good interest rate, the bank got the loan and the dealer got the commission, so everyone got something out of the deal. Perhaps one of the most important factors in working with a business manager to get a good auto loan rate is to remember that they are professionals. They try to earn fat commissions by providing customers with services they may or may not find Helpful As with any salesperson, the best way to deal with car deals and loans dealership is to approach it in a positive manner. A negative and apathetic attitude can make these salespeople less likely to deal with consumers, and knowledge and understanding of the topic is the best way to get a good auto loan rate.

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