High Vacuum Oil Purification machine

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Examples of Transformer Oil Purification Machine we offer:
The increasing voltage and rating of the modern transformer and electrical apparatus result in greater electrical stress in insulating material and fluids. To handle these greater stresses, transformer oils with better dielectric quality are required, and lower residual water content in insulation must be maintained.

The proper treatment and upgrading of the insulating fluid / transformer oil will result in the improvement of the properties of the entire insulating media of power transformers.

The principal functions of the insulating liquid are to serve as a dielectric material and an effective coolant. To perform these functions, the insulating liquid must have the necessary qualities at the time of initial impregnation and filling at the factory and later maintain the same quality in the field operation.

The Double Stage High Vacuum Process upgrades the new or used electrical insulating liquids and transformer oil.

A High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machine is used for dehydrating and degasification of electrical insulating fluids (transformer oil) to increase and maintain their dielectric strength. The processing includes the removal of free and soluble water, free and dissolved air and gases, and particulate matter.

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