Features of Downhole Operation Simulator

City Sichuan
State Chengdu
Country China

Unique functionality
Our full-sized simulator delivers unique functionality for drilling training. Offering fully equipped cyber chairs, emulated control systems and a full topside and downhole solution, Esimtech can be delivered with different high-quality visual systems, based upon your requirements. It is an innovative and realistic dynamic drilling simulator. With full visualization in real-time, it reacts to the crew\’s input as it is offshore. Thanks to its flexible and modular structure, you can use the generic topside model alone, add a generic downhole model, or make a specific downhole and topside models.

Drilling cost saving
By purchasing a downhole operation simulator, you can emulate your rig facilities and your specific wells upon request. This customization enables you to train your crews and support teams in a safe environment prior to going on the rig. They can test both your procedures and the third party systems, and familiarize themselves with your installations and control systems. They can also drill their own well in the simulator. It reduces significantly the number of “On-the-Job Training” days required, decreases the reliance on “On-the-Rig Mentors” and improves substantially operational safety and efficiency. Your people will be more confident and experienced. They will be able to drill safer, quicker and to save drilling time and rig rental, which creates an immediate sizable added value for you.


Let the team solve the challenges in the simulator:
Assistant Driller
Company man
Drilling Supervisor
Onshore support

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