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Earned & Owned Media for Growth Marketing 2021

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Earned & Owned Media for Growth Marketing 2021


The definition of earned and owned media – Owned media is a unique company’s channel that it controls. Company’s website and blog, profiles on social media, email newsletter,  – all refer to this type. Brands use such channels to communicate with potential customers and deliver messages in their preferred way and under the brand’s terms. As a result, the more owned media, the better the chances to establish a solid brand presence, attract potential leads, and convert them into loyal customers as we use Earned & Owned Media for Growth Marketing


Earned media is a brand’s exposure through external media (other’s blogs and social media, magazines/newspapers, podcasts, and other marketing channels). It’s never enough to create a blog. A company should ensure that people know them. The more viral a social media post or mention in a magazine becomes, the better for the brand. Earned media has its own unique drivers that are the combination of organic rankings and distributed content. Also, people who use the brand and eagerly share their opinion about it become one of its channels. All of their reviews and shares are the perfect examples of earned media. The latter is often referred to as the means of getting to a successfully recognized owned media. 


Another example of earned media is when influencers who have thousands of followers share their opinion on your product. Whenever a popular blogger shows your product or gives feedback about your services on their Instagram stories, you, if you’ve collaborated with the right influencer, get quite a few new followers which are to become your customers in the future. However, such a tactic often falls under paid media type and is considered advertising.


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