Dana Cooper: Mystery/Suspense/Serial Killer

Street Address new york, Apulia Station,NY
City Apulia Station,NY
ZIP/Postal Code 10001
State New York
Country United States

“Sometimes when you reach into the darkness, the darkness reaches back.” When Special Agent Jonathon Howard gets the call telling him that the notorious serial killer he’s been chasing for five years has been caught, he jumps the nearest flight to Rappaport, North Dakota to bring the man in. But what he finds awaiting him there is not Jeffrey Marks, the serial sexual sadist. It’s Marks’s one remaining victim, Dana Cooper. A victim who, in a bizarre twist of fate, has murdered Marks in a fashion more brutal than anyone can understand or explain. Is this a tale of the ultimate revenge? A poetic reversal of fortunes? Or a Faustian deal gone horribly wrong? As this dark tale unfolds, Agent Howard must discover what happened in that small, hidden shack in the isolated hills of North Dakota and, perhaps most frightening of all, who is Dana Cooper?


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