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Customer Data For Personalization

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Role of Data in CX Transformation


Today’s business world deals with huge amounts of customer data and high levels of collaboration are needed to keep this data relevant and reliable. The exchange of data with customers through chatbots can be awkward but conversational AI helps in simplifying the process. The audience gets personalized responses to their queries and the automated and productive reports that are generated from the conversations.


A survey conducted by Gartner in 2019 predicted that by 2022 around 70% of white-collar workers will be interacting with conversational platforms on a daily basis. The same survey also portrayed the prominence of chatbots among the AI-based applications used in the business environment, suggesting that conversational AI chatbots can offer a helping hand to businesses looking to enhance the communication between customers, employees, and stakeholders.


Conversational AI also delivers benefits to various sectors like marketing, logistics, etc. with its sound data  The increased visibility that real-time product updates offer utilizes direct communication with chatbots and helps in decreasing the incidence of incorrect data entry. By deducting errors in delivery, brands satisfy their customers and help them in reducing unnecessary additional costs.


Future of Customer Experience


According to all the predictions, even we hope that conversational AI will continue to evolve till the human touch is added in such a way that the customers feel as if they are communicating directly with a human, and enjoying all the abilities the technology provides.


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