Custom Aluminium Extrusions are very Cost-efficient

City Chongqing
State Chongqing
Country China

Extrusions are customized to shape; size; contour

Aluminium offers very high-performance capabilities

extrusions provide the most versatile design options

Supplying a Huge Mix of Industries

With a vast network of suppliers, LANREN provides Aluminium for a huge mix of industries everything from construction, to shipbuilding, to automotive. Aluminium plain plates range in thickness from 1to 6.


Aluminium plates are fabricated to meet specific customer requirements and specifications. Aluminium alloys, for example, can be fully customized to satisfy a customers precise product characteristics.


Aluminium plates from LANREN are tested to ensure material traceability. Foreign suppliers observe strict industry standards established by their own nation (equivalent to USA standards).


Working with LANREN

LANREN works in tandem with reputable manufacturers around the world. Our objective is to source, ship, and deliver the best quality products at the very best price. In addition to our Aluminium extrusion products, we also provide Aluminium plates, Aluminium ingots, and Aluminium sheets.


At LANREN, in-house specialists combine their product knowledge and logistics expertise to meet the demands of many industry sectors. Often, customers have some very demanding requirements and exacting manufacturing specifications. Our focus is always on delivering customer satisfaction.


LANREN has established a sophisticated supply-demandmodel. Its a proven approach that enables customers to reduce overhead costs while increasing gross profit. Our innovative approach is designed to help customers grow their business with high-quality Aluminium products, competitively priced.


Choosing the Team At LANREN

LANREN outperforms other companies with access to state-of-the-art machinery and the capacity to deliver hundreds of tons of Aluminium products. Our reliable global partners can accommodate every type of industrial application, with efficient and speedy just-in-timeshipping.


In addition to direct customer delivery, LANREN also offers stock and releaseprograms depending on customer needs. Our outsourcing approach makes for a worthwhile and profitable business proposition. Outsourcing allows for reduced costs, efficient delivery, and a better profit picture.


For Offshore Direct Metals, the primary focus is on satisfying customer demand from ordering, to fabrication, to delivery. With Aluminium, architects, designers, and engineers are assured of production flexibility that is unattainable with any of the other conventional fabrication options.


Find out more about LANREN and our wide range of custom Aluminium products visiting the company website at One of our highly experienced team will help to assess your needs and provide a viable, cost-effective solution.

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