Crystallizer Manufacturer | ALAQUA INC

Street Address 141 Livingston Street
City Buffalo
ZIP/Postal Code 14213
State New York
Country United States

Alaqua is a USA based Crystallizer machinery manufacturer. Crystallization is a process step in a vast range of applications in industries such as chemicals, API production, food manufacturing, and precipitation of ores. Depending on the process requirements, cooling, evaporation, or precipitation are selected to form crystals. Accordingly, the variation of applied machines is numerous. Loop-Crystallizers are often called Forced Circulation (FC) Crystallizers due to the fact that the solution is forced to flow by a pump while the crystallization in layers is a static process. In agitated services, there are two main mixing systems. Either an open system with a hydrofoil impeller or a draft tube is utilized. Alaqua provides highly efficient solutions, which do not end at the impeller itself. Visit for more details regarding machinery and plantations.

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