Control all Fears: 5 Simple steps: Control fear, reduce stress, & avoid PTSD.

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A collection of true accounts of dangerous police work and the author\’s simple yet powerful five-step process to help you make your fears work for you instead of causing you anxiety and stress. Recommended to law enforcement professionals. Michael Dyson specializes in dealing with aggression and violence. He has dealt with many life-threatening situations that were some of the worst that any police officer with limited training and equipment could experience. Whether that meant confronting armed offenders, hunting down dangerous criminals, being held at gunpoint, investigating dozens of deaths, being set up to be assassinated, or handling hostage siege situations, Michael learned how to convert fear into strength to overcome adversity and avoid post-trauma stress. He learned how to avoid panic and think clearly through the chaos by having a plan prepared for all types of critical incidents. His willingness to pre-empt and mentally rehearse critical incidents and adversity enables him to apply the skills and techniques he has learned in everyday life. Drawing on specialized experience in law enforcement and lessons learned from fear psychology experts, Dyson shows steps that anyone can take to prepare for the stress of a critical incident. He shows how people from all walks of life can use the process and techniques to step outside of their comfort zone, confront their fears, and feel the power that courage and self-control can give. Dyson says irrational fear keeps us from getting what we want and becoming who we honestly, deep down, want to be. The key is to understand the risks, learn what you can about what it takes to minimize risk, prepare yourself physically and mentally, and trust yourself to respond wisely and survive. In this way, your fear becomes the secret weapon that enables you to triumph over any adversity. When chaos comes, while others around you are stunned or in a panic, you will be calm, confident, decisive, and in control. To control yourself when chaos and danger surround you is a tremendous feeling of power that lasts long after the crisis is over. In Control all Fears, Dyson describes his transformation and explains the five realistic and practical steps he took to overcome his fears. Although this is written specially to help police officers, he believes that this a practical guide for anyone looking for greater courage and mastery over adversity in their lives. . .


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