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Cloud CMS – Enhancing Content Marketing

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Cloud CMS – Enhancing Content Marketing


For businesses of all sizes and industries, with numerous types of customers, a content management system (CMS) has evolved from a valued convenience to an absolute necessity. CMS has become a crucial tool for content marketers, and Cloud CMS is making it more efficient. Check out how Cloud CMS is enhancing Content Marketing. These platforms help businesses in creating new content, maintain existing content, and also reach new markets.


However, thousands of businesses still use on-premise or traditional CMS platforms that burden their IT team, content creators, and marketing experts. These traditional CMS demands so much attention and draws from so many company resources that they can quickly become liabilities, rather than the efficiency tools they are intended to be.


What is Cloud CMS?


With these limitations in mind, many businesses are considering switching from an on-premise legacy or traditional content management system (CMS) to a cloud-based CMS. A cloud CMS has similar functionality as a traditional CMS, permitting authors to create, update, and delete the content as needed. The major difference is that, while the website owners typically deploy a legacy CMS, a third-party host manages those duties for a cloud-based CMS. Cloud providers, like Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services (AWS), can host CMS platforms for hundreds or thousands of companies while applying resources that on-premise platforms can’t match.


Enhanced Productivity


When authors face the inherent limitations found in traditional CMS software, their productivity and creativity can be severely affected. They must spend their time on workarounds on the basis of the limitations of their tools, instead of delivering the results they want and their customer demand. With the enhanced accessibility and collaboration tools that cloud CMS packages offer, content creators can see their efforts getting rewarded, and their productivity boosted, often with less effort than they would require to put in while working with traditional platforms.


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