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Choosing Display advertising platform 2021

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Choosing Display advertising platform 2021


Display advertising is at boom and is having a long lasting effect on the audience. It is an effective method for attracting and influencing an audience. When coupled with other marketing initiatives, it can even boost the performance of those activities. Like every paid marketing method, even display ads majorly depend upon getting the targeting right.


Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company said “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save your time.” This statement even today defines the importance of advertising or I should say that it has become even more important in today’s age. As the era has changed so has the advertising and today in the digital era we have digital and the display advertising platform leading the advertising industry.


Let’s check out how to decide which display advertising platform is right for you?




Remarketing (or retargeting) is when you retarget the audience to repeat the same action again or perform an action of the next stage of the customer journey. In retargeting, a display advertisement is shown to users who have visited your website, usually a particular page of your site or set of pages in a specified time frame but not performed the desired call-to-action.


Video Ads


While video ads mainly serve through video content platforms such as Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix, and YouTube, they can also be distributed through the networks of display ads & social ads. Today, the great thing about video advertising is that almost every individual has access to smartphones with reasonably high-quality video capture capabilities. There are numerous people shooting, editing, and publishing video-based content, advertisements included, on nothing more than a mobile phone. Customers love video ads. Presently, YouTube is the second-largest search engine on the Internet and people spend 33% of their time online engaging with video content.


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