Casablanca Moroccan Hash – 2g

Street Address British Colombia - Vancouver - Canada.
City Vancouver
ZIP/Postal Code M4C2T8
State British Columbia
Country Canada

Casablanca Moroccan Hash – 2g


Effects: This Hash is a great pain relief hash as well as for zoning out, being high in CBN it will have your pain washed away within a few hoots and then it will have you zoned out of real life and zoned into something like a good movie or book!

Smell and Flavor: This Hash is an amazing smell of musky earthiness almost like smelling the dew on a fresh day , or smelling dirt in the forest. Very earthy and very musky it’s a refreshing smell to say the least. Then the flavor is pretty follow suite with the smell except it has a pine back flavor very nice for a dark hash!

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