Bricks to basket ball Kindle Edition

Street Address new york, Apulia Station,NY
City Apulia Station,NY
ZIP/Postal Code 10001
State New York
Country United States

Bricks to Basketball is a story of how one man pulls himself out of the gutter to shine and dine with the Prez. B to B will make you see when pressure meets talents, skills meet the masses, and the masses feel what is real. For he who uplifts his people is truly a prophet and makes profit by making you see what\’s out there. Why talk about where I\’m at? Better to talk about where I will be. It is said that only a fool looks at the messenger and doesn\’t pay attention to the message. Choose your friends wisely. Choose your B with your big head not your little one. Fly by your past doing above 150. . ▷▷Buy Now:

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