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Bottleneck of Content Marketing

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Bottleneck of Content Marketing


After spending days under intensive pressure they send the creatives to the executive for their approval, the team gets the changes from the executive. They have to work overtime again to fix them and get the changes done and they often miss their final deadline. So, we can check out how you can solve the biggest bottleneck of content marketing


None of this is good for the team as well as the business. It is terrible for the morale of the creative and design team, for starters. And the long working hours and stress of the missed deadlines make for burnout, kills creativity, and can often result in mistakes, sometimes expensive mistakes. So what’s the solution? Typically, a company will first have a collegial talk with all parties involved in building content, including the executive. The executive will promise to do a better job at getting the approval turned around, and undoubtedly this approach might even work, for the first few weeks. But typically, you will go right back to where you were before.


A genuine solution is usually four-fold.


 – You create and use a company style

 – guide and content specifications.

 – You always work from a detailed creative brief.

 – You find someone the executive trusts to review the work for them.

 – Make your approval and feedback system is as efficient as possible.


Build better levels of collaboration


Content development involves more than one individual in an organization. Each individual should fulfill their role in the content development and marketing project so it stays on track. Often, though, the parties don’t necessarily understand their role or how their role affects the roles and responsibilities of others. That’s the reason why it is important to define who will be doing what, when, and plot this throughout all the stages, from the first draft to editing, approvals, and publishing.


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