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Welcome to another blog from akuna technologies. Last week we took a look at things to consider before distributing content in content marketing, today we wish to introduce you to ways to distribute content for more traffic. So without any further talks, let’s head straight to the agenda.

Content can be shared in many different ways ranging from blogs on websites to posts on social media networks to personal emails or publishing e-books. Here are a few that can help you reach a wider audience and help you boost your website traffic.

Marketing via Influencers

Influencers – a great way to begin marketing activity in these modern times.

Begin with identifying the influencers in your industry line-up, work on collaboration with them.

Since they have a very big group of followers, they will take a look at it and possibly visit your platform to look for similar content.

Use Social Media as a promotional tool

According to statistics and reports, there were more than three billion active social media users around the world in 2017. These numbers makes social media one of the most powerful online platforms for distributing content right?

Choose to promote your content on social media organically or through paid advertising, it’s your call. Remember, if you wish to choose the organic growth path, you have to share your content within the communities or circles you follow for your content to be shared within other communities internally, creating a domino effect that can result in a lot of traffic, leads, and sales. But, on the other side, if you want to get quick and targeted traffic, you can invest in paid social media marketing.

Convert one content created into different media forms

If your content created is in text format, consider converting it into other media formats as well, such as PDFs, infographics, and videos.

Why? Because by doing so, you can share your content on many other popular website platforms giving your content more exposure and allow you to attract very different audiences giving you virtually endless pools of potential leads.

Promote Your Content on Content Communities

Many content communities get tons of traffic, so work on submitting your content to these communities to get noticed and drive traffic to your website directly.

Producing great content is an important part of good content marketing, it won’t benefit you if the content is not shared and seen. Remember, here a good planned content distribution strategy will help you get your content in front of your target audience, giving it a chance to work its magic and attract more visitors to your website. Be really creative in your ideas and experiment with different methods to see which ones deliver the best results for your business.


Hope you enjoyed today’s article…

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