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Best Marketing Technology Thought Leaders

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Best Marketing Technology Thought Leaders


This section is a magic studio in itself, where these big names take the keyboard in this Martech Cube’s studio and offer tons of martech knowledge and insights amongst which we capture as much as our net of questions can and serve it to you as the President’s feast. Top 10 Martech thought Leaders in our Thought-Leadership Interview Feature. Yes, the same interview section where you see martech mavens every week.


Will Warren, CTO, Searchspring – “Running an ecommerce store has the same uptime requirements as a nuclear powerstation”


Searchspring is a brand famous for giving superpowers, yes, you heard me right. Searchspring gives search and merchandising superpowers to the ecommerce teams, and we had one of their magicians, their Chief Technology Officer, Will Warren for Martech Cube’s Interview session. In the above statement, Will Warren puts light on the difficulties faced by ecommerce businesses and he compares that running an ecommerce store means having the same uptime as a nuclear PowerStation, as if the site is down for few seconds you can face huge losses.


Scott Guttenberger, Sr. Director Product Marketing, TapClicks – “Data-based decision making will lead to marketers being more efficient and more precise.”


TapClicks is a leading Martech brand and Martech Cube had a very informative interaction with their Senior Director of Product Marketing, Scott Guttenberger. In this statement Scott highlights the importance of data in the present decision-making process, he states that the decisions made on the basis of data will lead to marketers being more efficient and more accurate.


As Scott Guttenberger believes and says, he even offers the same superpowers to his customers through the Marketing Operations Platform of TapClicks. Marketing Operations Platform of TapClicks allows users to collect and analyze their data and get useful insights that help marketers in more precise and efficient decision making.


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