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Basics for Starting Orthodontic Care

City London
State England
Country United Kingdom

When starting orthodontic treatment with orthodontics south east London, the orthodontist and the new patient work together: the results are obtained together thanks to a therapeutic alliance relationship.

It would be nice if this were really the case, but the orthodontic patient is used to going to the doctor to be treated, and it can be difficult to understand and give the right value to the concept of collaboration.

Why it is necessary to collaborate

Orthodontic treatments do not have an immediate effect but produce stimuli received in the patient\’s mouth and induce different reactions.

The simplest orthodontics south east London stimulus to explain is the thrust that a tooth that has to move can undergo: the patient may feel it as discomfort that vanishes within hours or a few days but, when the discomfort ends, the tooth has not finished its movement; it will take some time, depending on the type of device used.

Therefore, doing an orthodontic treatment is not like being treated with medicines, and it is not even comparable to surgery, but it is like doing gymnastics with the right tools to modify the body. If we join the gym, we know that in order to train we will have to do the exercises regularly for a long time before we can appreciate any results and, if by chance we stop or do not train regularly, the training will be negatively affected.

Basics for a good collaboration

Take care of the health of your teeth and gums: if you neglect or have neglected your mouth, you need treatment to achieve good oral health before starting orthodontics south east London.

Taking care of hygiene: taking care of your mouth means, above all, scrupulously taking care of dental hygiene. It is valid for both wearers of fixed and mobile appliances: the former, if they do not clean their teeth and appliances well, will certainly suffer from inflammation of the gums, which can swell and bleed, making it even more difficult to maintain oral hygiene.

In addition, the accumulation of plaque can cause demineralization of the enamel, which manifests itself in the form of the color change of parts of the tooth and favors the onset of caries. Who has a removable appliance must clean teeth and appliances in order not to favor the proliferation of bacteria between the appliance and the parts of the mouth (mucous membranes and teeth) where it rests.

Beware of chewing: fixed orthodontic appliances are designed to stay in the mouth for long periods, but they must be removed easily. For this, you must absolutely avoid hitting them with too hard foods or chewing with too much energy. Even gummy or sticky foods are to be avoided, and you must avoid tearing the food into bites and making bites too large. If the appliance breaks, you will need to repair it: it will take some time, sometimes it will be necessary to replace some parts and in the meantime will suffer interruptions which, if frequent, can alter the timing and results of orthodontics south east London therapy.

Respect the appointments: it is important to respect the scheduled appointments and show up on time. The dentist south east London tries to best follow the treatment program, establishing the frequency and duration of the appointments. If you experience frequent problems, it may fail to follow the shared roadmap.

Follow the prescriptions: with removable appliances and with some auxiliaries of fixed appliances (for example, small rubber bands to attach to the appliance), the orthodontist will prescribe a time of use. If the prescriptions are not observed, the results will be scarce or nil and the whole treatment project can be ruined.

Winding Up

Notify if there is a problem, the orthodontist, to treat you well, must understand your every need regarding care. He will do everything to accommodate reasonable requests.

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