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AI in E-Commerce 2021

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AI in E-Commerce 2021


Unless you have been out of this world for the last couple of years, most likely, you have heard of artificial intelligence (AI). But how can we utilize AI in eCommerce? Explore the burning role of AI in E-Commerce and how brands such as Apptus help in facilitating the much needed Retail Empowerment.


Artificial Intelligence is recklessly walking across the corridors of eCommerce and steadily taking over. Don’t you agree with this? Some people say Artificial Intelligence is replacing humans and will eat up their jobs. Moreover, they can do the jobs that you would have imagined that robots will do one day in the future. Can we call AI a game-changer in the world of eCommerce? Well, AI is a trending concept that supports all modern technologies. With the fastest succession of technological breakthroughs, AI is rapidly revolutionizing the eCommerce industry as a whole.


How Ai made a place in the smarter facilitation of E-Commerce?


Creating Customer-Centric Visual Search – As a customer when you go to shop online, you might encounter products with results on the page that are not only irrelevant but foreign too. And it is very annoying. So annoying that many users tend to leave the page. Here is when AI comes into action, to tackle this issue AI tends to utilize NLP (natural language processing) to contextualize and improve the search result. Not only that, but AI also utilizes visual search capabilities that tend to match the products quickly, making it possible and easy to shop for the things we are looking for and love.


Chat Bots – The biggest reason why most e-commerce platforms can give you assistance for an entire day is only because of chatbots that work so efficiently. 


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